How to choose a Hotpoint-Ariston gas stove: TOP 7 models with a description of technical characteristics and additional options

Distinctive features

Hotpoint Ariston belongs to the famous Italian holding Indesit Company, specializing in the production of household appliances.

The company has been operating since the 30s of the 20th century. During this time, it increased its production capacity and introduced new positions. This allowed the brand to reach the TOP 3 in terms of sales in the world.

The peculiarity of Hotpoint-Ariston is the stylish and unique design of gas stoves . The equipment is produced in several series, in which the models are very different from each other. The devices are of high quality, so the possibility of defects is excluded.

The slabs last for several decades if the operating rules are followed.

Modern models are equipped not only with standard modes, but also with additional ones. Among them is a grill with a spit, which allows you to learn new basics of culinary skills.

The stoves are equipped with a gas control system, which ensures maximum safety when using them.

In which country are they produced?

The Ariston trademark today belongs to the Italian concern Indesit Company, whose specialization is the production of various household appliances. Back in the 30th year of the last century, Aristide Merloni opened a small workshop for the production of scales in his home village of Albachina; just before the war, he transferred the business to the city of Fabriano, where today the headquarters of the Ariston company is located.

Shortly before his death, he divided his business between his three sons, and in 2005 the company changed its name to Indesit Company, headed by his youngest son Vittorio. Two years later, Ariston and Hotpoint merged. Sales of Hotpoint Ariston brand household appliances consistently rank third in the world.

The concern includes more than 14 enterprises, which are located not only in Italy, and employ over 16 thousand specialists in various fields.

There are two factories in Russia that produce products under the Ariston brand, which in Greek means “the best,” and this is true.

Types and their brief description

According to the type of resource use, slabs are divided into two types:

  1. Gas . These are units with gas burners and a gas oven. They are distinguished by high build quality. They do not depend on electricity, so even without light you can prepare your favorite dishes. Most models have electric ignition, which eliminates the need to use matches.
  2. Combined . They combine the ability to cook with gas and electricity. They are most popular in areas remote from regional centers, where there are frequent interruptions in the supply of gas or electricity. The units have a gas hob and an electric oven. They are considered more functional, since the oven can be used for defrosting and drying, including the lower or upper heating element.

There are two types of slabs according to the type of placement:

  1. Freestanding . Plates in classic design. They can be placed in any place where the necessary communications are carried out. The devices can operate only on gas or have an electric oven.
  2. Embedded . Models are represented by hobs. Their advantage over free-standing ones is their glass-ceramic coating and convenient operation. They do their job very well. Disadvantages include high cost, as well as the need to use special utensils.

Advantages and disadvantages

Users highlight a number of advantages of the equipment of the Italian brand:

  • attractive design;
  • spacious drawer for storing kitchen utensils;
  • good sizes (there are models 50 and 60 cm wide);
  • high quality housing and component materials;
  • excellent build quality;
  • availability of standard cooking modes and additional functions;
  • spacious oven (up to 62 liters);
  • the presence of gas control and electric ignition, increasing the convenience and safety of operation;
  • control the degree of cooking due to high-quality lighting;
  • excellent quality hob.

Most users have not identified any shortcomings with Hotpoint Ariston stoves.

Some copies have limited functionality, which is due to their lower price . For example, there are models without automatic ignition and grill. Also, budget models are equipped with a cheaper coating - enamel.


The hallmark of the Ariston company is the original design of the models, so initially it may seem that they have a different manufacturer, but this is not so - the brand is exclusively Hotpoint Ariston, the country may be different, since the concern's production facilities are located throughout Europe. The stove of this brand goes well with any kitchen set.

Another advantage is the large volume of the oven, which reaches 62 liters - this is space for preparing homemade baked goods or meat and fish delicacies. Users do not have any problems with the oven, because there is automatic ignition and gas control; it is convenient to observe the cooking process through a large-format protective glass, since the bright backlight allows you to see all the nuances of cooking. The hob is equipped with high-class burners: there is always a powerful one for quick heating, two medium ones and a small one, on which it is convenient to brew Turkish coffee or heat butter to add to the dough. A kitchen stove with a gas hob from Italian specialists will decorate any room.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Buying a stove involves studying various nuances. These include technical characteristics, power and reliability of the units. In order for the purchase to meet all the necessary requests, you need to take into account the selection criteria.

What to look for when choosing a stove:

  1. Burner type . Most Hotpoint-Aristons are equipped with standard burners, which differ from each other in nozzle size and power. The advantage is that the hobs have gas control and electric ignition, which eliminates the possibility of burns when the gas is turned on.
  2. Type of gratings . The plates are equipped with steel or cast iron grates. The latter are considered the most practical. The material is resistant to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and deformation. Steel is more brittle, so it can bend from heavy utensils. The best models are equipped with cast iron grates.
  3. Hob material . The manufacturer uses enamel or stainless steel in the manufacture of hobs. Enamel is an inexpensive coating that is used for budget slabs. It protects the body from impacts and corrosion, but is more difficult to keep clean due to the porous structure of the top layer. The stainless steel surface is easy to clean and does not require the use of special detergents.
  4. Oven functionality . Oven chambers can have a volume of up to 62 liters, which is very convenient for families of three or more people. For convenience, the oven is equipped with a thermostat that maintains the temperature at the set temperature.
  5. Additional options . It includes options that do not affect performance, but make using the stove more convenient and practical. This includes a digital display, a timer and a drawer for storing utensils.

Main selection criteria

Burner type

All devices from Ariston are equipped with standard burners. They differ in nozzle diameter and power range. Most often, 4 units are installed - one powerful, two medium-power and one low-power. Additional useful functions, such as electric ignition and a gas leakage control system, make using the device more comfortable and safe.

Lattice quality

Two types of materials can be used in the production of gratings:

  1. Enameled steel has a lower cost, which is why it is used on budget models. Steel is brittle, prone to deformation during prolonged exposure to open fire, and fragility;
  2. Cast iron is a more reliable and durable material, resistant to temperature changes and mechanical stress. It has one drawback - the heavy weight of the products.

Cast iron grates are more reliable, but heavier

Control type

Ariston products are controlled mechanically - by rotary switches located on the front side of the plates on a special panel. The parts are made of durable composite material that is resistant to temperature changes. Around the switches on the panel there is a scale with divisions from 1 to 12.

The plates are controlled mechanically

Healthy! More advanced models are equipped with touch electronic control. They have a digital display with a countdown timer.

Hob material

The manufacturer most often uses special enamel as a material that can withstand high temperatures (up to 800 °C). The enameled surface is cheaper than stainless steel and has high anti-corrosion properties. On the other hand, such a coating must be immediately cleaned of any trapped liquid so that it does not have time to dry.

Dimensions and design

The standard height of the units is 85 cm, and the width and depth can be different - 50-60 cm and 35-100 cm, respectively. For a small kitchen it is better to choose compact products, for an improved layout - traditional ones, and for large rooms - large-sized ones.

When choosing, consider the dimensions of the kitchen

Interesting! Along with standard units, the manufacturer produces tabletop stoves with 2 burners, as well as exclusive large ones with 6 units.

In terms of design, the manufacturer is distinguished by a variety of styles and colors. There are both classic options - white and black, and steel. The shapes can also be very different - to realize any design ideas.

Oven functionality

The capabilities of the devices allow you not only to bake traditional dishes and bake pies, but also to create real culinary masterpieces thanks to the presence of a grill. It could be kebabs, grilled chicken, crispy potatoes. The built-in sound timer will notify you when the process is complete, and a reliable thermostat will help control the temperature inside the working chamber.

The oven has good functionality

Additional features

Useful functions do not affect the quality of cooking or the performance of the device, but they make operation more comfortable, practical and safe. Additional options for Ariston equipment include:

  1. Electric ignition - the burners are ignited by pressing a special button, which minimizes the risk of burns;
  2. Gas control - if the fire goes out randomly, the gas supply is immediately stopped, which will help avoid leakage;

    Functions of gas control and electric ignition in a gas stove

  3. Timer - if you have a mechanical or electronic timer, you can set the cooking time, after which the device will notify you with a sound;
  4. Child protection - rotary switches are activated by pressing them into the panel and then turning them, which children will not be able to do in the absence of parents.

Recommendation! User ratings and reviews, characteristics and capabilities of specific models of the Hotpoint-Ariston brand will also help you decide on the choice of kitchen assistant.

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