Why do you need rinse aid for your dishwasher?

Dish rinsing agents used in dishwashers are presented in a wide price range, with different functions from adding shine to softening hard mineralized water. Our review shows 6 mouthwashes that customers will trust.

Dishwashing detergents in the machine are not always completely washed off due to the aggressive composition, high water hardness or insufficient efficiency of the washing unit. In such cases, rinse aid is the right solution on the way to clean, shiny mugs and plates. Our review presents popular means for rinsing kitchen utensils, which buyers and users of household appliances appreciated and left recommendatory reviews for them.

Finish new

Station wagon 5-in-1

The most popular brand of household dishwashing chemicals presents the “new” improved Finish rinse aid. It combines 5 functions: combating mineral deposits, traces of drops, completely neutralizes detergents, speeds up the drying process and gives the surface of the dishes a radiant natural shine. Available in conveniently shaped plastic bottles of 400 and 800 ml.

+ Pros Finish new

  1. Well-known brand with a high degree of trust;
  2. Efficiency proven by tests and consumers;
  3. No odors on clean dishes;
  4. There are no harmful surfactants in the composition, the products meet international standards;
  5. Affordable price - from 130 rubles per 400 ml.

— Cons Finish is new

  1. Not identified.

Finish New dishwasher rinse aid is a universal product that can be used with kitchen utensils made of any materials in all dishwashers.

Is dishwasher rinse aid harmful?

Dishwashers relieve many housewives from routine duties. Improper use of the product can cause damage to the machine. PMM uses aggressive detergents that can cope with microorganisms, but they are more toxic than natural substances. A short rinse will not rid the dishes of toxic detergent components. Any rinse aid contains the following substances: acids, alcohol, polycarboxylates, ionic elements. They are not harmful to a healthy body, but can cause allergies in people with hypersensitivity. On the market you can find products without harmful substances intended for allergy sufferers.

How to find a way out of the situation:

– after washing, rinse the dishes under running water.

– use proven products from popular brands. Before you buy a product, you need to study its composition.

– if there are not many dishes accumulated, it is better to wash them in the usual way.

It is necessary to choose a product based on the characteristics of dishwashers. The manufacturer compiles a list of recommended products for a certain type of PPM - gel, rinse, capsules, powder and brands that it advises to use.

Dirtoff Rinse

Moderate quality at an affordable price

Dish rinse aid with natural ingredients is a product of a German brand. Accordingly, Dirtoff Rinse solution complies with European standards. It copes with its tasks perfectly: removes residual detergents, promotes rapid evaporation of moisture, and adds a reflective shine. It is inexpensive - 168 rubles for 0.75 liters.

+ Pros of Dirtoff Rinse

  1. Large bottle volume - lasts a long time;
  2. Convenient dispenser;
  3. Copes with his tasks;
  4. It is inexpensive in terms of volume;
  5. Organic composition with safe surfactants.

— Cons of Dirtoff Rinse

  1. Some people note the presence of stains on the plates after washing. This is not always due to the rinse aid.

Dirtoff Rinse solution for rinsing kitchen utensils is a universal product in an affordable price segment that shows good performance characteristics.

Somat Rinser

Recommendation reviews only

The Somat Rinser dishwasher rinser receives only recommendable reviews - it does an excellent job of removing detergents, treating the surface of dishes and is completely washed off with water, leaving no odor or streaks. The consumption of the solution is small and a 0.75 liter bottle lasts a long time, which compensates for its considerable cost.

+ Pros of Somat Rinser

  1. Does not leave stains or streaks in any operating mode of the dishwasher;
  2. Convenient dispenser and bottle shape;
  3. Economical consumption;
  4. Minimal odor, in most cases – no odor;
  5. Well-known brand, can be bought in most chain stores.

— Cons of Somat Rinser

  1. The cost is about 300 rubles per 0.75 liter. Compensated by low consumption.

Somat Rinser mouthwash rightfully receives positive reviews - the product lasts a long time, the effect fully lives up to expectations.

How and where to pour

In order for the use of household chemicals to have a good effect, you need to dose it correctly and know where to pour the rinse aid. Liquid cannot be poured into the same compartment as powder or gel, as it will be used up during the main cycle. There is a separate cuvette for the rinse aid, located next to the detergent tray.

The cuvette is designed in such a way that it does not need to be filled daily: it is enough to pour the product once, filling the container to the specified level, and the rinse aid will be enough for several working cycles. The flow rate of the softening liquid must be set as indicated in the instructions; if necessary, it can be adjusted up or down. When the rinse aid in the tank runs out, the machine will give a signal using a special light indicator located on the control panel.

Top House

No fragrance, there is an effect

Dishwasher rinse aid from the German brand Top House does not contain fragrances, but it fights unpleasant odors and completely neutralizes them. There are also no phosphates or chlorine in the composition, which makes the product safe for use even for children's dishes. A convenient liter bottle with an ergonomic shape is equipped with a dispenser attachment. The product has a relatively low consumption.

+ Pros of Top House

  1. Low consumption, about 5-8 ml per wash;
  2. The shine and creaking of plates, mugs and spoons;
  3. There are no streaks, stains, or deposits on the dishes;
  4. Lack of own odor, effective neutralization of odors from products.

— Cons of Top House

  1. Price – from 210 rubles for 500 ml and from 400 for 1 liter.

The cost of the product is considerable, but it is compensated by its slow consumption - 1 liter will last for a long time (about 180-200 washes). Otherwise, it’s an excellent product that can be bought in many supermarkets.

Homemade air conditioner

In order to save money and in case the factory-made rinse aid suddenly runs out, you can try to make this product yourself. The ingredients for it can be found in every home.

Here are the recipes that are used if necessary:

  • Apple cider vinegar (9%). A simple but effective option for acid conditioner. Adding a few drops of essential oil will improve the scent. Consumption: 1 tablespoon of vinegar per cycle of machine operation. Apple cider vinegar is poured into the dispenser, just like a factory-made rinse aid.
  • Sodium tetraborate, or pharmaceutical borax. It is mixed with baking soda in a ratio of 4:3, a little citric acid is added, and then water until the consistency of a liquid slurry is added. The alkaline composition of the rinse aid will help cope with washing greasy dishes. 1-2 tablespoons of the resulting product is enough for one wash cycle.
  • Mustard powder is sometimes used as a home option for cleaning dishes. It is also used as part of an eco-friendly homemade air conditioner. To do this, take one tablespoon of mustard powder and ammonia per glass of water and shake. This product is used for both lightly soiled dishes and greasy plates.
  • Hydrogen peroxide also has cleansing properties. Mix 3 tablespoons with a glass of water and essential oil (20-30 drops). The composition is suitable for any type of dirty dishes.
  • Homemade remedy based on lemon juice. Mix 4 parts juice, 1 part glass cleaner, and, if desired, a teaspoon of essential oil for half a minute. Use the standard method, consumption - a tablespoon per load of dishes.
  • A good and economical rinse aid is obtained if you use regular citric acid. To do this, half a teaspoon of acid must be dissolved in a liter of water, add 4 tablespoons of ethyl alcohol. This composition is good for dirty plates and cooking utensils. To rinse items made of transparent glass, change the proportions in favor of increasing the alcohol content. If you use essential oils of ginger, mint, and orange, you will also add an antibacterial component.

Sometimes citric acid is used differently - pour a teaspoon of dry powder into the rinse aid dispenser for each cycle. This method of conditioning is not recommended. This is simpler, but leads to damage to the dishwasher.

Rinse aid for PMM Topperr


Safe and biodegradable mouthwash

Many consumers prefer environmentally friendly household chemicals, wanting to help the environment. SODASAN dishwashing detergent is a biodegradable solution that, after use in the dishwasher, breaks down into biological compounds and is completely neutralized. Judging by customer reviews, it copes with its functions perfectly: the dishes remain clean and shiny, the detergent is completely washed off. The rinse does not contain fragrances - it contains only natural ingredients.

+ Pros of SODASAN

  1. A product of safe origin with a minimum amount of chemicals;
  2. Alcohol and citric acid in combination ensure cleanliness, shine and quick drying of any dishes;
  3. Suitable for processing children's dishes;
  4. It lasts a long time.

— Cons of SODASAN

  1. High price: 500 ml will cost about 500 rubles, 1 liter can be purchased from 750 rubles.
  2. Not sold everywhere, mainly in online stores.

Despite the absence on the shelves of chain supermarkets, SODASAN dishwashing detergent is in demand due to its high efficiency and absolute safety.

comparison table

CharacteristicManufacturer countryVolume, mlFunctionsPrice, rub
FinishPoland800water softening, anti-scale protection, streak-free450
XAAXRussia500Adding shine, no streaks300
SomatGermany750scale, water softening, adding shine360
PaclanBelgium500Anti-scale protection, adding shine150
Clean & FreshCzech550no divorces120
CinderellaRussia500prevents the formation of corrosion and fungus in the PMM145
BiorettoRussia500organic composition copes with any type of pollution, does not cause allergies210


For use in hard water

Paclan New Formula dishwasher rinse aid is designed specifically for use in hard, mineral-rich water. The composition includes softening components, thanks to which detergents are washed off from dishes perfectly, and no residue or stains remain on the surface of the utensils. In addition, thanks to water softening, the heating elements of the dishwasher are not subject to lime build-up.

+ Pros of Paclan

  1. Economical price - about 130 rubles per 500 ml bottle;
  2. Ergonomic packaging shape with a convenient dispenser spout;
  3. Does not contain any fragrances;
  4. Lasts a long time;
  5. Protects the machine heater from limescale;
  6. Leaves a shine on the dishes.

— Cons of Paclan

  1. In case of very hard water, it does not completely soften the water, but this is not what the product is intended for.

Paclan rinse aid must certainly be used in dishwashers operating with hard water. It will provide preventive maintenance for the unit and improve the quality of washing kitchen utensils. Recommendation reviews from consumers confirm this.

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TOP 8 most effective substances

On the household chemicals market, dishwashing rinses are presented in a wide range. There are high quality branded products, mid-range products and simple formulations.

Sometimes rinses do not give the promised effect. Typically, this depends on the quality of water supplied in the region. In this case, it’s worth buying 2-3 different products and seeing which one will provide the best result.

The cost varies depending on the brand, level of effectiveness, environmental friendliness and safety for humans.

1st place – Finish Reckitt Benckiseer

The most popular product among clients is Finish from the multi-brand Polish company Reckitt Benckiser. Rinse aids of this brand are given the highest ratings not only by ordinary buyers, but also by dishwasher manufacturers.

Environmental safety is a priority for the Reckitt Benckiser brand. All components included in the rinse aid are biodegradable and do not pose a danger to humans or the environment

The product demonstrates a high level of efficiency, reliably protects dishes from unsightly streaks that form after drying, enhances the washing ability of the powder and helps the machine completely remove stains, greasy deposits and streaks from the surface.

The composition includes such components as:

  • nonionic surfactants in a volume of 5-15% - reduce foaming and prevent glass objects from darkening or tarnishing over time;
  • preservatives in an amount of 3-12% - effectively neutralize unpleasant odors, prevent the formation and proliferation of microorganisms and molds;
  • polycarboxylates 70-85% - enhance the effect of other components and contribute to high-quality processing.

The substance is used at the very end of the work process, when the dishes are already free of plaque and food particles.

The procedure for using the rinse aid Finish presents a video:

The main advantages of the product include:

  • complete removal of drips from the surface;
  • fast dissolution even with short working cycles;
  • acceleration of the drying process;
  • protection of dishes and internal parts of the machine from limescale;
  • giving a bright shine;
  • economical - according to reviews, one bottle lasts for 2-4 months.

The only reproaches for the substance are the high cost and the excessively large volume of the bottle, which because of this is not convenient to hold in your hands. No other deficiencies were found.

2nd place – Sodasan mouthwash

The German company Sodasan has been producing various detergents for almost a quarter of a century. The brand's products demonstrate a high level of effectiveness with absolute safety for both humans and the environment.

With hard water, the amount of rinse aid per wash should be doubled relative to the base portion. With soft water, the volume must be reduced by half, and the remaining dose diluted slightly with water

All preparations are made on the basis of gentle soap from specially developed vegetable oils. The quality of the products is confirmed by European certificates issued to the company by the Vegan Society, Ecogarantie and ECOCERT.

The composition includes three main working components:

  • biodegradable citric acid – promotes the dissolution and subsequent removal of limescale and any other deposits, maintains an optimal pH level in liquid soap products;
  • denatured alcohol – regulates viscosity, instantly removes the heaviest fatty stains;
  • essential oils – soften the water and give the dishes a subtle, pleasant aroma.

The product is released in optimal concentration. You should not add more than what is indicated in the instructions. This reduces work efficiency.

The main positive properties include:

  • absence of surfactants;
  • reliable protection of surfaces from crystalline deposits;
  • reducing the risk of oxidation of metal parts inside equipment;
  • reducing the drying period;
  • effectiveness at low concentrations;
  • correct work with hard water;
  • absence of aggressive chemical elements;
  • economical consumption;
  • reasonable price.

According to buyers, the product has almost no negative features. After treatment, the dishes shine and squeak with cleanliness. No foreign odors are observed during the processing process.

Sodasan contains only organic components, there are no surface active chemical agents harmful to people

3rd place - Somat (Henkel)

Henkel brand Somat rinse aid is not as widely advertised as Finish, however, the quality is in no way inferior to its famous competitor and costs much less.

The Henkel product provides maximum results when using all products in the line. They successfully complement each other and demonstrate impeccable results even with heavy levels of contamination.

The product is poured into the machine several times at once, and then the household appliance independently determines the amount required for use. When there is not enough rinse aid, an indicator lights up on the display, hinting to owners that it is time to refill the reservoir.

Among the work items, the following items stand out:

  • Surfactants are active surface substances that regulate the washing process and control the foaming of the powder;
  • preservatives are ingredients that eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent the growth of bacteria.

They provide high-quality treatment for dishes of any degree of soiling, remove residual detergents and eliminate stains and streaks from dried water.

The container with rinse aid is equipped with a sticker with a detailed description of the composition of the rinse aid product and the rules for its use (+)

Among the main advantages, buyers name such parameters as:

  • practical packaging in a conveniently shaped plastic bottle;
  • presence of a dispenser;
  • moisture-repellent ability and, as a result, fast, high-quality drying;
  • protection of fragile glass objects from plaque formation;
  • pleasant, unobtrusive smell.

Additionally, customers note the economical consumption of liquid and the harmonious combination of product cost and quality. No shortcomings were found in the product.

4th place – Top House (Interos GmbH)

The Top House rinse aid from the German company Interos GmbH is manufactured in Germany and meets European standards in all respects. Does not contain dyes, flavors or other aggressive components.

Works great in tandem with powder and tablets, both from its own line and from other manufacturers. Provides dishes with unsurpassed shine and shine.

If you need to wash dishes or any other kitchen utensils from plaque, old stains and dirt, it is better to spend a little more money and buy a rinse aid that contains polycarboxylates. Only such a product can cope with such a difficult task.

The main active components are:

  • 5-15% nonionic surfactants;
  • lemon acid;
  • water;
  • preservatives.

Unlike other similar products, Top House mouthwash contains hydrotropes. They regulate surface tension and effectively wet dishes to activate the deepest possible cleansing.

What customers like most about this product:

  • The push-pull cap is a convenient element equipped with a retractable spout. Allows you to pour liquid carefully and use it wisely;
  • flawless results when rinsing glasses and glassware;
  • absence of dyes and flavors;
  • economical - according to customer reviews, one liter bottle is enough for 186-200 washes.

In general, the product receives good marks, but is criticized only for its slightly inflated price and the weak mechanism of the dispenser cap, which makes it difficult to direct the jet to the right place.

5th place - Paclan Brileo (CeDo)

The Paclan trademark belongs to the famous international company CeDo, which creates high-quality, environmentally safe and easy-to-use products.

Not only ordinary users, but also owners of hotels, holiday homes, sanatoriums and other similar establishments that use dishwashers for comfortable customer service speak well of the quality of the product.

Since 1992, it has been present on the Russian market as a subsidiary. Supplies washing and cleaning products to all major retail chains and supermarkets, including remote federal districts.

The highly effective formula of the composition includes components such as:

  • non-ionic active-surface substances in a volume of 5-15%;
  • preservatives;
  • 5% working compound from 2-bromo-2nitropropane-1,3-diol.

The first two positions are present in almost all rinses, but the last component has a high level of antibacterial biocidal activity and makes the product more effective.

It is impossible not to note the advantages of thoroughly thought-out packaging for Paclan Brileo mouthwashes. This structure of the plastic bottle will not allow an extra drop of the drug to spill

Distinctive nuances include:

  • preventing the appearance of lime deposits on the internal parts of the dishwasher;
  • complete removal of unaesthetic stains and streaks from the surface;
  • ensuring a radiant shine not only for new sets, but also for plates, cups and dishes that have been used in the kitchen for many years;
  • affordable price;
  • economical consumption;
  • convenient bottle shape;
  • A practical spout that allows you to easily pour the required amount of liquid into the dishwasher container.

Customers speak well of the product and note its high effectiveness, which is not inferior in parameters to more expensive branded products. The maximum result is achieved when using the entire line of products. In addition to rinse aid, it contains salt and Paclan powder.

6th place – Frosch (Werner & Mertz)

Frosch rinse liquid is produced by Werner & Mertz. The brand itself was registered in 1986. Under it, a series of unique products went on sale that can decompose in just three days after use.

Frosch mouthwash does not contain phosphates, formaldehydes, organohalogen compounds or surfactants in its formula. The amount of preservatives is reduced to a minimum, and the bottle is made from 50% recycled materials.

Today, Frosch products are widely represented in both the European and Russian markets. Buyers often prefer it due to its reasonable cost and environmental safety.

Unique formula includes:

  • the “Green Power” component is a patented innovative development of the company that provides flawless rinsing to a brilliant shine;
  • PVA based on renewable plant components is a completely safe ingredient that enhances the effectiveness of the product;
  • fruit acids - promote rapid drying and prevent the formation of white plaque.

The products have all quality certificates and fully comply with modern requirements for washing and care liquids.

The list of advantages consists of items such as:

  • eliminating stickiness;
  • reasonable cost;
  • absence of specific odors;
  • a transparent bottle that allows you to control the amount of liquid remaining;
  • strong shine on any type of surface.

No disadvantages have been identified in the product, however, customers who have been using this product for a long time recommend using it strictly in accordance with the directions and not exceeding the dose. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to wash it off plates, cups and pots.

7th place - Clean Home (Himros)

Clean Home is produced by the Russian company Himros, which has been operating in the domestic market since 1992.

Clean Home is a professional household chemical liquid suitable for permanent use in home dishwashers. Works equally effectively in both standard and economy modes

The manufacturer's main goal is to take care of the environment and create highly effective and maximally harmless drugs for humans.

The composition includes the following working components:

  • water;
  • lemon acid;
  • polycarboxylates in a volume of 5-15%;
  • functional additives that enhance the quality of other ingredients;
  • <5% nonionic surfactants;
  • methylchloroisothiacholinone;
  • methylisothiazolinone;
  • fragrance

The manufacturer recommends storing the drug at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

The list of positive qualities mentions:

  • prevention of streaks and drips;
  • protection of dishes from the appearance of limescale;
  • protection of the body and contacting parts from scale formation;
  • high-quality removal of detergent residues from the surface;
  • giving kitchen utensils a bright shine;
  • low price.

Customers give the Russian mouthwash a negative rating because it has a specific unpleasant smell. Buyers also don’t like the fact that the container is made of opaque plastic. This makes it difficult to keep track of the amount of liquid remaining.

The scale embossed on the side of the container with the step of gradation of the amount of product is not very clear. It is physically impossible to use this element, since the dense white plastic does not allow you to see how much rinse aid is left inside the bottle

The lack of a dispenser is also disappointing. In this situation, liquid consumption increases and you have to buy Clean Home more often than similar products from other brands.

8th place – Klar Spüler (Almawin)

The rinse aid from Almawin is not yet as well known among buyers as Finish, but those who dared to try the new product were satisfied and gave the product a high rating for its performance, high level of efficiency and economy.

The surfactants contained in the liquid are plant-based. For this, special raw materials are used, obtained from potatoes, vegetable oil, corn, sugar cane and beets.

The product promotes uniform distribution of water flow during processing, enhances the effect of detergent components and helps quickly dissolve fats of any type.

The components of the product are:

  • lactic acid;
  • ethanol;
  • coconut fatty sulfates;
  • lemon acid;
  • plant saccharides;
  • water.

Two acids work as neutralizers, soften the negative effects of caustic alkalis and completely remove detergent residues from the surface of the dishes.

Rinse aid from the German brand AlmaWin is one of the organic hypoallergenic products of modern household chemicals. Safety and environmental quality are confirmed by the international ECOGARANTIE certificate

A harmonious combination of saccharoid surfactants and ethyl alcohol in optimal concentration helps dishes dry much faster.

The positive qualities of the rinse aid include:

  • concentrated formula;
  • high-quality removal of water stains and drips;
  • effective neutralization of alkaline elements in water;
  • multifunctionality – wash + rinse at once;
  • accelerated drying.

Despite the extensive list of capabilities, the rinse aid also has disadvantages. The product does not cope well with washing metal surfaces and does not always work correctly in some regions where the water supply is not of the highest quality.

( 2 ratings, average 4.5 out of 5 )
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