How to choose a hand dryer: types of devices and the best models

What is a hand dryer

Before choosing a hand dryer, you need to understand what it is, how it works and how it works. This is an electrical appliance that can be connected to any network. In most cases, the dryer is hung on the walls near the sink.

The principle of operation is to blow on the palms placed under a stream of warm air. This drying method is the most hygienic - because there is no direct contact with the device.
The use of the hand dryer fully complies with current sanitary standards. That is why the devices are installed in crowded places: from schools and hospitals to airports and shops. Installing the device is quite simple; installation does not take much time and does not require specific skills.

Main selection criteria

Before choosing a hand dryer, you need to determine what is more important to you: power, aesthetic appearance, strength and durability, or savings. If an inexpensive device is used intensively, it will quickly fail, but if several people use it a day, it will last for many years.

The technical characteristics of a high-speed electric hand dryer are much higher, and they are more expensive. If you use it in a shopping center or at a bus station, the costs will be worth it, as it can easily cope with heavy loads.

Heater power

One of the main characteristics is the power of an electric hand dryer. The speed and pressure of the blown air and throughput depend on it. When choosing this option, there is a reason to seek advice from the company’s managers before purchasing.

Air flow temperature

The higher the temperature, the less time it will take to treat your palms. More expensive models have the ability to adjust settings and select the optimal mode, which may be affected by weather, number of visitors and other reasons. Typically, the air in electric towels heats up from 40 to 80 ° C

Noise level

Powerful devices produce noticeable noise of up to 85 dBA during operation, which is completely unnoticeable in a bar where music is blaring, or in an airport building where it merges with the roar of taking off airplanes. It is not very pleasant to hear the sound of a fan turning on during a formal reception in the office or during a legal consultation. The range already includes models with a built-in noise reduction system, but they are not cheap.

Housing material

For the manufacture of the case, high-quality glossy and matte plastics, aluminum, steel, nickel, and polycarbonate are used.

Switching type

For hygienic purposes, automatic models are now widely used, to turn them on you just need to bring your palms to the device.

Fan type

Dryers use collector or brushless fans, the power of which determines the main characteristics. They work on the same principle as a hair dryer.

Air filtration

Some models are equipped with an additional filtration system that prevents dust and bacteria from entering the blown air.

Device warranty

The warranty on the device can be provided for a period of 1 to 5 years, but the main factor in uninterrupted operation will be the correct balance of characteristics and load.

Principle of operation

The operation of an automatic hand dryer is very simple. There are only two activation options:

  • a sensor that is triggered by contactless swiping along the activation line;
  • models with a button.

In the case of an infrared sensor, it is enough to hold your palm next to the hole from which the heated air is supplied. When the device is turned on, a stream of hot air under pressure is supplied from the hole. You can dry your palms in about 10-15 seconds.

Important! Manufacturers provide the ability to customize settings. You can choose the temperature and intensity of the blowing. Some cases have a timer that allows you to set the operating time yourself. Having reached the set time, the dryer turns off.

Most of all, the internal structure of the hand dryer resembles a regular household hair dryer. There is a classic cooler inside the case, but its dimensions may vary. The heating element passes air through itself, blowing it into the nozzle. Electronics in the dryer include an operation activator, sensor or button. The material and shape of the case can vary significantly.

Types of dryers

Hand dryers fall into three categories.

  1. Classic. These are the most common dryer models, equipped with mechanical or infrared switching. The body is made of plastic or metal. Drying occurs due to intensive blowing with hot air. The appearance of the device differs depending on the manufacturer and purpose. These dryers are most suitable for everyday use at home. Classic models are found in public areas under video surveillance.
  2. Express. Here, the drying of the palms is carried out through a rapid supply of air. The air itself does not heat up much. The moisture from the palms does not evaporate, but is blown away under pressure. Flowing drops are collected in a tank specially designed for this purpose, which has an outlet into the sewer. The dimensions of high-speed dryers are slightly larger than traditional ones. This is due to the size of the fan installed in them. High speed dryers also produce significantly more noise.
  3. Anti-vandal. The name of the category speaks for itself. The anti-vandal model is designed taking into account operation in unguarded places. Such devices have a high safety margin. Dryers can often be found in common areas that are not equipped with a continuous monitoring system.

Important! According to the installation option, wall-mounted models predominate, although floor-standing ones are also occasionally found.

What to look for when choosing

When purchasing such a gadget, pay attention to:

  1. Type of instalation. There are wall-mounted (compact devices) and floor-standing (full-size) devices. The first option is suitable for standard operation, and the second - for high-traffic areas (restaurants, shopping centers).
  2. Activation distance. The distance from which the sensor recognizes the approach of hands and turns on the engine. You should check the device specifications, because the distance is individual for each model.
  3. Power. You should choose positions from 1.5 kW so that the air is heated almost instantly. Devices up to 1 kW take longer to heat, gradually raising the air temperature to a certain level.
  4. Protection class. The manufacturer provides mid-budget and all other more expensive devices with protection from moisture, dust and other harmful influences.

How to choose a hand dryer

To choose the most suitable electric towel (as a regular dryer is sometimes called), focus on the following criteria.

Power level

Of course, power is one of the most significant selection criteria. It determines how effective the dryer will be.

Based on power, models are conventionally divided into 3 categories:

  • low level up to 1 kW;
  • average up to 2 kW;
  • high level - indicator above 2 kW.

The powerful dryer has high efficiency: the heating element takes up to 90% of the maximum performance of the electric motor. All these parameters are displayed on the box with the device or in the technical data sheet of the product.

Important! On expensive models there is an adjustment of the blowing power level. A dryer with this feature is more convenient for everyday use.

The lower the power level, the more economical the device will be. But we must not forget that along with power, its efficiency also decreases. Most users opt for dryers of medium and high power. Models with a high airflow rate can harm the skin of your hands, so they are not suitable for everyone.

Switching method

Activation of work using a button is gradually being replaced by contactless. Professional models are equipped with infrared sensors almost without exception.

Important! The main reason for the mass refusal of buttons by manufacturers is compliance with hygiene standards. Hundreds of people can touch the button during the day, as a result, many microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria will accumulate on it.

A common problem with push-button dryers is moisture getting inside. Regular pressing of the activation mechanism leads to gradual pressing of the button and rapid failure. These dryers require more frequent maintenance. But push-button models have a significant advantage: they do not turn on independently.

Among contactless models, dryers with an infrared sensor are most often found. Just run your wet palm along the activation line, and the device automatically turns on. As a result, there is no tactile contact, the surface of the palm remains clean, and hygiene standards are met. In some models, the user lowers his hands into a special compartment where the blowing occurs (immersion dryer); in all other cases, the air is blown out of a nozzle located on the bottom of the body.

When drying the palms is complete, the user simply removes their hands and the device turns off automatically. The disadvantage of such a dryer is a fairly large number of false positives. All it takes is a fly flying along the trigger line and the sensor will give the command to start. The result is increased electricity consumption. You can try to optimize the installation location, but this will not be an absolute guarantee against false alarms.

Material of manufacture

There are 2 housing options: plastic (budget models) and metal (much more expensive). Dryers with a plastic body are inexpensive, but subject to rapid wear. The thickness of the plastic may vary depending on the specifications.

Advice! When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the absence of backlashes, cracks, and poorly secured parts.

Sometimes the manufacturer paints the plastic case in a metallic color. Most often this is done in order to make it look like a more expensive material. It is quite difficult to distinguish such models visually. The most durable plastic materials are polypropylene and polycarbonate.

Metal dryers are made from two types of iron. Stainless steel will last longer, but costs more. Anodized aluminum is more affordable, but less durable. Anti-vandal options are made from alloys that eliminate the possibility of denting, scratching the case or causing other damage to it.

Drying speed

This indicator is tied to the power of the dryer. High-speed models easily dry your palms in 10 seconds. Medium-power dryers will cope with the task in an average of 20 seconds. Budget options may take 30 seconds or more to completely dry.

The more powerful the fan and heating element, the more noise the device makes. However, in expensive dryers the body has some degree of sound insulation. In public places, especially where it is loud (airports, music clubs), this criterion is not so significant. However, in an office, a loud dryer can attract undue attention.


The most important attribute of any electrical appliance. Hand dryers can be equipped with a protected housing that masks the wire going to the outlet. It should also be remembered that if the device is installed in a house where small children live, the installation height of the hand dryer must be appropriate.

Important! If the housing is made of solid plastic, you should ensure that the material is not flammable. With metal models, you should pay attention to the degree of waterproofing of all electronics.

Noise level

Industrial models designed for a large flow of people are equipped with a powerful engine. Accordingly, the sound they produce is very high. Such dryers should not be installed in places designed for quiet time (cafes, restaurants, offices).

For home use, models with the lowest sound parameters are recommended. Any false alarm, especially at night, can lead to stress or fear and wake up children.

Additional functions

Some models can be equipped with additional features. Most often this is a blowing power regulator and an adjustable timer. But some manufacturers equip their models with additional antibacterial options, such as an ultraviolet lamp. The use of such a dryer not only prevents pathogenic bacteria from entering the outer layer of the epidermis, but also additionally sanitizes the treated areas. Touch control of temperature and airflow intensity are additional options found only in expensive models.

Best lists

We will highlight the leading devices in each selected category as a separate selection, namely:

  • Budget price – Neoclima NHD-850.
  • Low noise level – Puff 8843.
  • Value for money – Puff 165.

Details below.

Budget price – Neoclima NHD-850

The NHD-850 in a white plastic case is very compact and not the most powerful - it is suitable for installation in toilets with low traffic and a small area. The device turns on automatically: it is activated by an infrared sensor, to which you need to bring your hands at a distance of at least 5 cm.

Protection classIP23
Power850 W

Price: from 1,390 to 1,600 rubles.

Neoclima NHD-850

Low Noise – Puff 8843

The body of this gadget is made of steel (polished and painted), which makes it resistant to mechanical damage. Recommended for use in places with medium and high traffic and hyperactive audiences, such as bars, discos, nightclubs, educational institutions. This model is characterized by a low-speed engine and low noise level.

Protection class2300 W

Cost: from 10,150 to 12,000 rubles.

Puff 8843

Value for money – Puff 165

This device is made in white color, with a patented housing technology, made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic, which will retain its color over time. The infrared sensor reacts to the approach or distance of hands and automatically turns the device on or off. With a maximum power of up to 1.65 kW, it creates a flow speed of up to 15 m/s at an ideal blowing angle of 30°.

Protection classIPХ1
Power1650 W

Price: from 4,200 to 4,800 rubles.

Puff 165

Top 5 dryers

We offer a review of five hand dryers with great productivity and an optimal price-quality ratio.

Electric hand dryer Puff 8820

The rating of hand dryers opens with a model from Puff. Most often it can be found in public places with noise level requirements. The dryer operates quite quietly, consumes little electricity and at the same time has a high power of 2 kW. The maximum air flow speed is 9.5 m/s.

Important! The body made of impact-resistant ABS plastic is lightweight and compact, so the dryer can be hung even in a small bathroom. But the model is designed for a calm, moderate audience; anti-vandal reinforcement is not provided.

The classic infrared sensor serves as the activator. When assembled, the dryer weighs only 2.4 kg. Airflow is carried out from a nozzle located at the lower end of the housing. The reliability of the device is confirmed by many positive reviews. The dryer is unpretentious in operation and maintenance. Thanks to contactless activation, the device can be used in hospitals, because all sanitary requirements for the device are met.


  • reliable;
  • inexpensive;
  • contactless start;
  • a light weight;
  • easy installation;
  • work from a household electrical network;
  • durable body.


  • false positives;
  • plastic turns yellow over time;
  • no anti-vandal protection.

Hand dryer Ballu BAHD-2000DM Chrome

The rating of the best hand dryers continues with the model from the Ballu brand. The domestic manufacturer of climate control equipment offers an updated version of the popular line. The device has several patented improvements. The changed angle of airflow on the palms has now become even more comfortable; it is 30 degrees. The new model of the infrared sensor has many false alarms, and it is also active all the time. The built-in sensor is located in such a way that the response to a palm brought to it occurs almost instantly, without delay. The durable plastic case prevents color changes due to “fading” of the paint applied to it.

A special template is supplied with the dryer for easy installation. Almost any user who has never encountered such devices before can install Ballu BAHD-2000DM. The device is designed in such a way that it no longer requires grounding. Electrical protection class has been increased to second. The highest air flow speed is 15 m/s. Moreover, the device weighs only 2.1 kg. You can buy a dryer for an average of 4,590 rubles.


  • updated sensor that eliminates false alarms;
  • high-quality plastic housing;
  • airflow angle, adding comfort when drying;
  • powerful air flow;
  • modern design;
  • increased electrical protection class;
  • vertical installation;
  • Activation of airflow without delay.


  • high price;
  • small plastic thickness;
  • high noise level.

Hand dryer NEOCLIMA NHD-2.0

In 3rd place in the ranking of the best models is a mini hand dryer from. This is a compact model with a modern design. Perfect for bathrooms in offices or small cafes. The case is made of durable plastic and is resistant to scratches and chips. The device turns on and off automatically, just move your palms slightly to the side. Drying occurs in just 10-15 seconds. At the same time, the small-sized dryer consumes little electricity and is very easy to install. The class of protection against dust and moisture is IP 23. The maximum level of noise emitted is 64 dB; with good sound insulation of the bathroom, the noise is practically inaudible. The device is powered from a regular network. The weight of the device is only 2.5 kg. The cost of the device is only 2770 rubles.


  • high-tech design;
  • easy installation;
  • convenient airflow;
  • quick drying;
  • trusted manufacturer;
  • high-quality plastic;
  • affordable price.


  • quite noisy;
  • no air temperature adjustment;
  • no anti-vandal protection.

BXG Jet 7000 High-speed immersion hand dryer

In second place is the submersible model BXG Jet 7000. This is a functional device that has a blowing speed of as much as 95 m/s. The body is made of ABS plastic, a very high quality material that does not burn or conduct electricity. Protection against water and dust at IPX4 level. The maximum level of electricity consumption is only 1.9 kW. The drying speed of both palms is only 7 seconds. At maximum load the noise level is 78 dB.

The unusual submersible form factor makes the device interesting and in demand. At the top end of the case there is a digital screen and operation indicators. Several infrared sensors allow you to accurately determine the position of your palm relative to the blowing nozzle. Activation of the device occurs almost instantly, while false alarms are excluded. The device costs a lot of money - about 26,000 rubles.


  • high power;
  • efficiency;
  • excellent protection from dust and moisture;
  • reliability;
  • excellent assembly;
  • durable;
  • does not require additional maintenance.


  • expensive;
  • makes a lot of noise;
  • expensive repairs in case of breakdown.

Hand dryer Dyson Airblade V HU02 Nickel

The first line is occupied by a real “monster” of airflow, a model from Dyson. The blowing speed is a record 190 m/s with a power of only 1000 W. Thanks to this efficiency, the maximum time until the palms are completely dry is 12 seconds. There is a timer on the case, after which the device turns off automatically, even if your hands are in the field of action of the sensors.

The new technology does not blow away, but “cuts” liquid from the surface of the skin. Moreover, the blowing occurs as hygienically as possible. In one second, up to 30 liters of air are pumped from the hole! The maximum noise level is 79 dB. The device will cost the user a tidy sum - as much as 70,030 rubles.


  • edge design;
  • blowing speed 690 km/h;
  • innovative blowing technology;
  • there is a timer;
  • control using sensors;
  • reliable;
  • famous brand.


  • high price;
  • there are no operation indicators;
  • expensive service.

Comparison table of characteristics

In the summary table we will collect brief hardware specifications of the considered positions, namely:

ModelPower, WTemperature, °CActivation, mm
Neoclima NHD-2.020006550
Axion SR-11180080100±50
Ballu BAHD-2000DM Silver200090150
SONNEN HD-230S21007550-60
Faura FHD-1200B12008080
Electrolux EHDA/N-250025005040
Neoclima NHD-200020006535

Recommendations for installing the dryer

Like any device that requires installation, a hand dryer requires some skill. For trouble-free operation, just follow a few simple rules.

  1. Please read the included installation instructions before hanging up your hand dryer. If you have any questions, it is better to look for video instructions on the Internet, or seek help from a professional.
  2. The electric towel is attached using plastic dowels included in the package.
  3. The installation location must be taken into account. In small rooms where only external finishing is planned, you can consider a built-in model. Installing a built-in dryer is somewhat more complicated, but it takes up less space.
  4. An electrical outlet is required to connect the dryer. It is much safer to hide the outlet to avoid accidents or short circuits.
  5. If you plan to use the device in unguarded places, it is better to choose vandal-proof models.
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