TOP 10 best smart kettles 2021: how and which one to choose?

In recent years, electric kettles have become such common accessories in kitchens as refrigerators and stoves. It is difficult to find people using kettles heated in the classical way. Kettles have also become more modern - they can do much more than just boil water. Their design has also changed - in addition to teapots with plastic bodies, you also have a choice of teapots made of metal, ceramics and even with glass elements. TOP 10 best smart kettles 2021: how and which one to choose?

The most important parameters:

When deciding which electric kettle to choose, it is worth analyzing the most important parameters of these devices so that the model meets your needs. The most important of them:

  • heater type,
  • kettle capacity,
  • kettle body,
  • kettle power,
  • water level indicator,
  • filter types,
  • cable
  • safety,
  • additional functions.

Rating of the best models

This rating includes the five best ceramic teapots that are sold in popular stores. I will describe one of them in detail, and list the others.

GORENJE K10C - a device for 2,820 rubles. The surface has a blue floral print. It holds 1 liter and the power is 1630 W. As with all similar products, a closed heater is installed. Among the additional features, I would like to note the indicators for the amount of water and switching on.


  • inside there is a mark of the maximum permissible height of the liquid;
  • free rotation on the stand;
  • bright indication.


  • tight lid.

Five more popular models:

  1. Moulinex BY730132 for 1,990 rubles.
  2. Goodhelper KS-18B02 for 490 rubles.
  3. Redmond SkyKettle RK-M216S for RUB 3,990.
  4. Tefal Glass KI730D30 for RUB 2,790.
  5. Bosch TWK7603 for 1,690 rubles.

Types of heating elements in teapots

  • Electric kettles with a spiral heater - until recently, the offer included kettles with a spiral heater. Their disadvantage is the possibility of the kettle burning when the water does not cover the entire surface of the heater. In addition, kettles with a spiral heater can only be placed on the base in one position - they do not have a rotating base. In turn, the advantage of these kettles is their low price and low noise level when heating water. For many, a silent electric kettle is an important argument.
  • Electric Kettles with Plate Heater - After a few minutes of searching, you will realize that you can now find almost exclusively kettles with plate heater on store shelves. This is a common nomenclature because the heater is actually hidden under the bottom of the kettle. Kettles with a flat heater are easier to clean and usually have more power. Plus they are more elegant. The swivel base is also their advantage.

Kettle capacity

Which electric kettle to choose for one person? Most often, a small electric kettle with a capacity of about half a liter is enough. For two or more people it is worth buying a 1.5 liter kettle. Sometimes it can be a good idea to buy the largest kettle possible. A lot depends on whether you're only using it to immediately pour boiling water over your tea or coffee, or maybe you want the boiling water available all day.

What is the best electric kettle for the office? When using a kettle in a company kitchen, a device with a capacity of more than two liters will be useful.

Comparison with glass teapot

Heat-resistant glass products are a modern solution for the kitchen. These models have many advantages:

  • they have an original stylish design;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • The heating process is controlled thanks to the transparent walls.

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • glass products make a lot of noise when heated, which makes them unfavorably different from silent ceramic ones;
  • glass is an even more fragile material than ceramics, so breaking such a teapot is even easier.

If you choose from two models of approximately the same price category, then it is better to choose ceramic: such a product is more reliable, durable and practical.

The video shows a comparison of teapots:

Kettle body: material

The power and features of the kettle are important factors when deciding which electric kettle to choose. However, the material from which the case is made is also important.

  • Plastic kettles are the most popular type; their advantage is primarily their price. In addition, they are lightweight, which is quite an important argument, considering that the kettle can be lifted with one hand.
  • Stainless steel kettle - steel kettles must have high-quality thermal insulation so that the water in them remains warm longer. If you want to choose equipment that is resistant to corrosion, you should choose stainless steel kettles.
  • Glass Electric KettleGlass versions of electric kettles can be found in the form of tempered glass kettles or kettles that combine glass and stainless steel.

There are also metal and ceramic teapots on the market. Ceramic teapots often have a retro design, which gives them a very elegant look. The disadvantage of such teapots is their low resistance to damage.

Operating principle, advantages and disadvantages of ceramic teapots

Such devices do not stand out in anything other than their appearance and body material. They are also equipped with a device with a stand. Water is poured inside and boiling occurs using a heating element.

By the way, in all such models a closed disk heater is installed. It is considered the most durable and reliable.

Let us list the main advantages of such devices.

  1. Beauty is the main reason why people buy these products. They fit very organically into traditional interiors. In addition, you can choose a tea pair: a teapot and a teapot in the same design.
  2. They do not lose their attractiveness - they do not scratch like metal or plastic ones.
  3. The water does not cool down for a long time - thick walls allow you to maintain the temperature for a long time, which means saving electricity on reheating.
  4. Quiet operation - this is again due to the thick shell, which muffles the noise during boiling.
  5. Safety - the material does not conduct electricity, so there is no risk of electric shock.

The disadvantages are also significant.

  1. Heavy weight – ceramics are heavy on their own, add to this the weight of the contents. Lifting the device will require significant effort.
  2. Fragility - such a unit cannot be dropped or hit with something heavy. Otherwise, there is a risk that it will crack and split.
  3. Long heating - it takes longer than in other types of devices due to low power and thick walls.
  4. Hot surface - while a hot body can still be tolerated, a hot handle can cause injury. Manufacturers do not use overlays so that the appearance does not suffer. So stock up on oven mitts.
  5. The absence of a viewing window - a transparent insert - would have a negative impact on the appearance of these beauties. Therefore, you will have to learn to determine fullness by weight or look inside each time.
  6. Price – other things being equal, their cost is higher than that of other types of devices.

As you can see, there were almost equal numbers of strengths and weaknesses. It is impossible to say that these specimens are definitely better or worse than others. The choice, as always, is yours.

Kettle power

It’s worth clarifying right away that an energy-saving electric kettle is a rather unusual phenomenon. In the case of these devices, the principle is simple - the higher the power, the faster your kettle will boil water. Of course, you have to pay for such comfort in the form of rather high electricity consumption. However, don't overdo it. A few rubles a day for ease of use is a small price to pay.

The power of kettles available in the market starts from 700 W and ends up to 3000 W. In the case of the latter, it is worth having high-quality electrical installations at home.

The cheapest are kettles with a power from 700 to 2000 W. In their case, boiling one liter of water takes quite a long time. Most models are available in the 2000W to 2400W range. Here, the boiling time for a liter of water will be about 2.5 minutes.

Kettles with over 2,400 watts of power will boil a liter of water faster than you can prepare your tea brewing utensils.

Product shape and weight

Electric kettles made of plastic are considered the most common and in demand in the kitchen. Their main advantage is their low weight and a wide selection of body colors and shapes. Plastic takes a long time to cool down and heats up slowly, but this is not so significant if you are looking for a kitchen appliance with a modern design.

There are also kitchen kettles made of glass. This option is quite good, but you will need to constantly monitor its condition. After all, even a slight amount of scale will be clearly visible on the glass walls. As for metal models, one thing that can be said in their favor is durability and strength. But you should understand that devices made of steel or aluminum will differ significantly in weight from light plastic.

Plastic kettles are inexpensive, but they cool down quickly and fail more often.

Water level indicator

The water level indicator may seem like a nice feature, but it makes the kettle much easier to use. The indicator is often one-sided. It looks like a window in a housing with a scale printed on it. In many cases we will have to turn the kettle over to see how much water is in it. A more convenient solution is a large double-sided indicator. The backlit water level indicator is very convenient. Often the water level indicator is located on the kettle handle.

What materials are they made from?

The basis of any ceramic electric kettle is an inorganic material - clay, an environmentally friendly material that does not harm the body . In the manufacture of the electric kettle body, mixtures with mineral additives are also used, which are produced using high temperatures and subsequent cooling.

Also, any ceramic electrical appliance of this type contains a heating element built into the body ; in some cases, there is an additional electronic board to increase the functionality of the electric kettle.

Kettle with filter - which filter to choose?

Everyone wants the water you drink to be as pure as possible. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what filters are in the kettle. They can be:

  • A nylon mesh filter is the cheapest and most popular solution. It traps larger impurities, such as even scale particles.
  • steel mesh filter - more effective than nylon mesh. It catches even small contaminants.
  • carbon filter - a kettle with a carbon filter will eliminate minor dirt and unpleasant odors.
  • a pitcher with a filter integrated with a kettle - in this case, water poured into the device first flows through the filter of the pitcher with a filter, and only then enters the kettle. This solution is one of the most effective.


Let's take a look at some reviews from our readers.

  • Marina, Samara region: “For my birthday, my colleagues gave me an unusual kettle - electric, but made of ceramics. I've never even seen anything like this before. I’ll say right away that the kettle surprised me with its weight - compared to the usual plastic models, it is much heavier. However, it heats up just the same, and the water in it remains hot for a long time. The main advantage is the incredibly tasty tea that it produces. My husband is a real tea gourmet and immediately appreciated this gift. Now we’re using it a lot and we’re very happy.”
  • Valeria, Nizhny Novgorod: “I treat the purchase of household appliances, even the smallest ones, with full responsibility. It is important to me that the product is of high quality, beautiful and functional. Practicality, compliance with the design of the apartment, and other useful little things are a bonus. The last time I bought a ceramic kettle with an electric cord. The product initially captivated us with its unusual design and amazing compatibility with our Gzhel cuisine, and then it turned out that the tea it produces is more aromatic and tasty - a definite plus. I think this kettle will last us a long time.”

We got acquainted with the features of ceramic electric kettles, learned all the pros and cons of these products. This kettle will be an excellent purchase for your own kitchen, and as gifts for loved ones, friends and colleagues. The extensive range presented by modern manufacturers of household appliances can satisfy even the most picky buyer. See also information about a gas kettle.

Electric kettle cable

A longer cable means greater comfort of use. The kettle will be “glued” to the socket with a short cable. A length of more than one meter will be satisfactory. You don't have to worry about extra cable lying on the counter.

The vast majority of kettles with a swivel base have a special place in this base where we can wind excess cable . The most convenient solution that makes the electric kettle more mobile is the ability to store the cable.

Availability of additional functions

As for additional functions, it is recommended to pay attention to the following options:

  1. Temperature control is an important feature for tea lovers.
  2. Blocking the device from turning on without water is an important safety feature.
  3. Cord length – here it is worth considering that the cord should be short, and the device itself should be located in close proximity to the outlet. This is done so that the cord does not lie on the floor. This will prevent a person from getting caught on it and knocking the kettle to the floor.

These are the most important additional options, but this is not the entire list. For example, you can also buy a device with two filters. But today the extra expense is not worth it; it is much easier to install a water filter directly in front of the tap.

Some kettle models allow you to turn on boiling water remotely


It is worth asking about the safety features that the kettle may be equipped with. Remember that these are powerful devices that often contain boiling water. The most common protection is shutting off after the water boils. They are found in almost every kettle on the market. Another important safety feature is that it automatically turns off when removed from the base.

The kettle must also have a fuse. It connects the heater and the kettle switch and prevents the water from boiling when we heat it several times in a short time. Let's also check whether the lid is protected against accidental opening, for example when the kettle tips over.


Electric kettles of this type have a large number of advantages compared to conventional electric kettles:

  1. First place in the list of positive aspects associated with the operation of this device is shared by its high environmental friendliness and beautiful appearance , and both of these points are often of key importance when choosing such kitchen utensils.
  2. The absence of scale will pleasantly please the user of the kettle; caring for it is simple and quick, and easy to clean.
  3. The almost complete absence of noise when water boils makes a ceramic electric kettle stand out from other competitors made of plastic, glass or metal.
  4. Long-term heat retention can also be considered a plus, because it is not always necessary to add boiling water to tea, but well-heated water is often used in such cases.

Electric kettle with heat preservation function

Keeping warm is a very practical function. Thanks to this, the kettle constantly maintains the temperature we specify . This may be boiling water or a lower temperature. This feature is great for parties, for example. Your guests won't have to wait for the kettle to boil water for coffee or tea. There will be boiling water all the time.

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Kettles equipped with a keep warm function have a special programmer on which you specify what water temperature the kettle should maintain at all times. This is a temperature ranging from 40ºC to 100ºC.

Electric kettle with water heating function

In this case, the function allows you to heat water only to a certain temperature - without bringing it to a boil. An electric kettle with temperature control is perfect for preparing infusions for certain types of tea.

For example, at a temperature of 60ºC you can already brew green tea. Brew white tea at a temperature of 75ºC. We will brew oolong tea at a temperature of 90ºC. We can also use this electric kettle with a thermometer when we just want to heat the water a little.

A heating element

Before choosing an electrical appliance, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of heating element. An electric kettle can be based on an open or closed heating element.

Kettles with a heating element-plate are the most practical to use.

The closed type is usually a spiral, which is located under a metal disk, which together makes up the bottom of the electric kettle. Open type - a spiral in direct contact with water. For a long time, there have been heated debates about which type of element is of higher quality and more appropriate in the home.

In favor of the closed type, we can say that a kettle based on this type will last much longer, but the devices are more expensive than their counterparts with an open type of heating element. They are safer, more modern and more technologically advanced. The open type can only boast of its cheapness and practicality. Such devices are not safe. After all, it is always necessary to monitor the water level.

Attention! The coil in an electric kettle with an open heating element should be completely covered with water. For safety reasons, the manufacturer always indicates a mark on the body of the device that should be followed - the minimum volume of water.

Scale is easily removed from the disk, but there are significant difficulties with the spiral, which can subsequently affect the quality of the hot drink; scale ends up in the mug more and more often. The closed type of heating element is distinguished by its quiet operation and high speed of bringing the liquid to a boil. Therefore, today it is definitely worth choosing an electric kettle with a metal disk at the base.

When choosing an electric kettle, you need to pay attention to the length of the cord

TOP 10 best smart kettles 2021:

Bosch TWK8611P

Price: about 5000 rubles

Functionality and ease of use are the number one benefit. The best Bosch electric kettle is equipped with high power and temperature settings. The issue of safety is also important. An empty kettle will not start working, but will automatically turn off after the water boils.

The best cordless kettle - for all types of tea

Do you want to brew your favorite tea, but don’t need boiling water? The presented model will facilitate this task. This is an electric kettle with 4 levels of heating control (TemperatureControl). With this function you can prepare water at 70°C, 80°C, 90°C or 100°C.

In addition, the double wall ensures that the body does not heat up and the water does not lose temperature. Up to half an hour, including the keep warm function. So the solution will be useful not only for busy people. The safety of use is also affected by the automatic shutdown of the device when the jug is already boiling. And also protection against switching on when the kettle is empty.

Powerful equipment

The Bosch electric kettle weighs more than 1.6 kg and its capacity is 1.5 liters. The anti-scale filter limits the formation of scale inside the equipment. As a result, the kettle will last longer. The high power of the equipment also affects the duration of use - 2400 W. But the benefits don't end there.

The hob is built into the bottom of the equipment. As a result, the electric kettle is easy to clean. This model is also easy to fill with water. Simply press the button to immediately open the lid. On the other hand, we also have a clean water level indicator and cable storage in the base, which helps save space on the kitchen counter.


  • allows you to select the water temperature: 70°C, 80°C, 90°C or 100°C (TemperatureControl)
  • Keep warm function, that is, the function of keeping warm for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • use of a stainless steel anti-scale filter
  • protection against turning on an empty kettle
  • high power - 2400 W


  • loud beep when turning the kettle on and off

Xiaomi Mi YMK1501

Price: about 3000 rubles

If you are interested in a modern electric kettle, be sure to check out Xiaomi's offer. The kettle, produced by a Chinese company, can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It has a wide temperature range and very long holding times. Users also praise it for its modern design.

Keeps you warm all day

What makes Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle YMK1501 different from other pitchers? Possibility of connection via Bluetooth. This way you will select the optimal water temperature (in the range of 40-100 ° C) with an accuracy of 1 ° C. And then you decide how long to store it. Till tomorrow? Well, maximum 12 hours.

In addition, heat is retained by insulation. Even if there is boiling water in the kettle, the body will not heat up. (In other words: the temperature will not rise above 40°C). On the other hand, the stainless steel from which the jug is made means it is resistant to limescale, rust and unpleasant odors.

Modern and minimalist device

The modern Xiaomi electric kettle is a product with a power of 1800 W. The device can boil 1.5 liters of water (a full jug) in less than 5 minutes. When the selected temperature is reached, it automatically stops heating or begins the keep warm process. The jug turns off when it is empty. Safety of use is also ensured by the reinforced cable design.

It protects against liquid leaks or power surges. It is important to note that the cable can be wrapped around the base. So that the kettle takes up less space on the countertop and looks its best. Its appearance is one of its many advantages. Xiaomi models can be described as modern electric kettles with a minimalist design. This makes them ideal for any kitchen.


  • temperature can be selected with an accuracy of 1°C
  • keeps warm up to 12 hours
  • smartphone control via Bluetooth
  • stainless steel device that protects against limescale, rust and unpleasant odors
  • special cable design increases safety of use


  • no water level indicator

Electrolux EEWA7700

Price: about 6000 rubles

Problem with limescale in your kettle? The Electrolux EEWA7700 will make you forget about it. The presented equipment is a kettle with a removable filter that will clean the water from sediment and heat it to the temperature you choose. As a result, you can enjoy the taste of perfectly brewed tea.

Long and safe work

Electrolux EEWA7700 - electric kettle with thermometer. The device is equipped with the SelectPRO system, which makes it easy to select the optimal water temperature. You can check its value at any time on a clear display. So is the fluid level. Using an anti-limescale filter helps protect the inside of the jug from limescale deposits. And thereby extends the life of Electrolux teapots.

What is important is that the filter can be removed at any time and quickly washed. Daily use is also affected by the triple auto shut-off feature. This means that the kettle will stop working in three cases: when you lift it from the stand, when it is empty, or when it runs out.

Capacity for the whole family

The fact that the Electrolux model was included in the rating was due to the high power of the heater - 2400 W, which in turn indicates the durability of the device. The jug's capacity (1.7 liters) allows you to prepare drinks for a large group of people at once. It also makes it easier to prepare various dishes, such as pasta.

The material from which the kettle is made is stainless steel. The 360° rotatable base makes it easy to put down. The cable can be stowed away in the glove box, meaning it won't get caught in other kitchen appliances. In addition, the Electrolux product is a silent cordless kettle. You will only hear it when it signals the end of the job.


  • with SelectPRO you choose the temperature yourself
  • use of a removable anti-limescale filter that is easy to clean
  • easy temperature and water level check
  • standard jug capacity
  • high power - 2400 W


  • After using these kettles for a long time, the inscriptions on the body may become erased

Bosch TWK 7203

Price: about 10,000 rubles

The Bosch electric kettle will be appreciated not only by tea lovers. For what? Because the presented model allows you to select and maintain the water temperature. Its advantage is also a capacity that allows you to prepare 7 cups of drink at a time, as well as high power - a guarantee that the product will not disappoint you.

Simple and intuitive control of the kettle

The presented model is a temperature-controlled kettle, which is controlled by Temperature Control. You can choose from 7 settings, the lowest of which is 70°C. The selected stage is retained for up to 30 minutes (keep warm function). You set your preferred settings on the control panel and turn the kettle on and off.

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What’s important is that working with the panel is simple and intuitive thanks to TouchControl. Security also impacts usability. This means that the device automatically turns off when the kettle is empty, you remove it from the stand or when the pitcher is ready.

Quality and reliability in one

What affects the quality of prepared drinks? Use an anti-scale filter to prevent sediment from getting into the cup. What is important is that it is easy to remove and clean. The advantage of the electric kettle is also its high power - 2200 W. In turn, its capacity is 1.7 liters (which means the kettle is suitable for large houses).

A stable base that rotates 360° is connected to the device centrally. In addition, Bosch electric kettles have a flat heater plate and a water level indicator. They are made of high quality stainless steel and plastic. Thanks to this, they are durable and recommended not only in our rating.


  • Temperature control allows you to select temperatures between 70° - 100°C.
  • Keep warm function - maintains the selected temperature for up to 30 minutes
  • simple, intuitive control panel - TouchControl
  • high power device - 2200
  • Stainless steel housing ensures durability


  • higher price compared to other kettle models

Siemens TW 86103P

Price: about 6000 rubles

Siemens TW 86103P - black cordless electric kettle. This allows you to cook water at 1 of 4 set temperatures, which you can then maintain. It's functional and easy to use, which means it's not just for when you want your favorite tea.

One click is all it takes

Siemens kettles are devices whose functionality will be appreciated by every member of the household. For what? SensorControl Heatup allows you to select the optimal temperature. So, you decide whether it will be 70°C, 80°C, 90°C or 100°C. Of course, the best electric kettles can maintain this value longer. In the case of this model it is 30 minutes (Keep-warmSensor function).

One click is enough to boil water. Likewise, to open the lid, you just need to press the button on the handle. Safety of use is ensured by triple protection. The job always ends when the jug is boiling, empty, or you remove it from the base. In addition, the device can only be turned on after closing the lid.

Siemens kettles are ideal not only for coffee lovers

When creating the rating of teapots, we paid attention to the power of available devices. In this regard, the Siemens model comes to the fore - 2400 W ensures long and trouble-free operation of the equipment. (If you drink coffee several times a day, you will appreciate this). In turn, the anti-scale filter is responsible for the quality of the prepared drink.

It was made (like the heating plate built into the bottom) of stainless steel. In addition, Siemens electric kettles have an external double-sided water level indicator. And the 360º rotatable base allows you to position the jug in any direction. In terms of capacity, they do not differ significantly from the presented products - it is 1.5 liters.


  • sensorControl Heatup allows you to select the temperature (70°C, 80°C, 90°C or 100°C)
  • Keep-warmSensor retains heat for up to 30 minutes
  • easy opening and starting of the kettle
  • Stainless steel filter and heating plate - resistant to damage
  • powerful kettle (2400 W), increasing the service life of the equipment


  • significantly compared to other kettles of this capacity

Tefal Loft KO250130

Price: about 3000 rubles

Good, elegant, not expensive. This is how you can describe the Tefal Loft KO250130 electric kettle in a nutshell. Among the models presented in the rating, it stands out for its affordable price and original design. It also has a large capacity and features that will make it easier to prepare your favorite drinks every day.

Original design combined with functionality

The Tefal Loft KO250130 model is a white electric kettle that will bring elegance to your kitchen. At first glance, it stands out for its retro design. The base is covered with ribs reminiscent of British ceramics and complemented by chrome elements. It also has the advantage of a robust design.

Such a jug will successfully find a place in any kitchen. More importantly, it is a model that combines original design with functionality. A standard capacity, that is, 1.7 liters, will allow you to prepare a drink for 7 people at once. Ease of use is also affected by the indicator informing about the water in the jug. As a result, you will quickly find out how many additional servings of the drink you can still prepare.

You won't even drop a drop

In addition to their large capacity, Tefal kettles are distinguished by considerable power - 2400 W. Effect? You will prepare your favorite drink in no time and, importantly, without spilling a drop. Even for narrow vessels. This is due to the good shape of the funnel.

In turn, the removable filter ensures that both coffee and tea will not have sediment. And cleaning the inside of the jug will not be difficult for you. What else should I know about this model? The heating element is hidden in the body, which reduces operating time (compared to gas kettles, of course). The backlight informs about the operation of the device. And the automatic shut-off feature provides convenience and safety.


  • jug with a designer look, retro style
  • kettle capacity - 1.7 l
  • simple operation
  • removable descaling filter - easy to keep the kettle clean
  • well-profiled funnel - you won’t spill a drop


  • jug body - plastic

De'Longhi Diamond KBJ 2001.BK

Price: about 5000 rubles

De'Longhi Brillante KBJ 2001.BK is a neat black cordless kettle. It doesn't weigh much, but it's roomy. Its advantage is also its silent operation and the use of a filter, which ensures the highest quality of prepared drinks.

Bright but roomy

Finding a good black cordless kettle is not so easy. De'Longhi Brillante KBJ 2001.BK is one of the exceptions. Elegant and functional, with chrome accessories, it looks great on the kitchen counter. Also, you may be interested if you are looking for a lightweight electric kettle.

The jug doesn't weigh much - 1 kg. On the other hand, it can boil 1.7 liters of water at a time. The anti-scale filter ensures the quality of liquids. What’s important is that the filter is removable, so it’s easy to clean. In addition, closed insulation provides protection against deposits. (It does not form limescale). And this is a great solution not only for people who start their day with coffee or tea.

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Ideal for any time

Why is a delonghi electric kettle worth it? The comfort of work is influenced by the installation of a base that rotates 360 °, which allows you to freely place the jug. The power cord storage is also a plus. As well as non-slip feet, which will ensure reliable installation of equipment on the kitchen counter.

The pilot light will tell you how the kettle is working, and the pilot light will tell you how much water is left to boil. Importantly, the device will not start working when it is empty. It will also be automatically disabled when the action ends or when removed from the base. The power of the jug is 2000 W. Finally, it should be noted that the De'Longhi is also a quiet electric kettle. Thanks to this, you can use it at any time of the day or even night.


  • Using an anti-limescale filter reduces the appearance of sediment
  • black body - an unusual color for teapots
  • it is light, weighs 1 kg
  • jug of standard capacity - you can prepare drinks for several people at once
  • does not create noise during operation


  • no automatic opening of the jug inlet

Russell Hobbs 20460-70

Price: about 3500 rubles

Would you like to have an energy-saving electric kettle? Be sure to check out the Russell Hobbs 20460-70 review. The high power of the jug allows you to cook quickly and thereby reduce energy consumption. Its strength and capacity are also advantages. As a result, it is the ideal pitcher for a large family.

The amount of water in the kettle corresponds to your needs.

Looking through the rating of electric kettles, you noticed that one of the key parameters is the power of the device. This affects the service life of the equipment. In this regard, Russell Hobbs 20460-70 is among the best models. The 2400W power makes it easy to boil water quickly, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

Its advantage is also its capacity. 1.7 liters is enough to make a drink for every family member. On the other hand, thanks to the flat heater, you can only boil 100 ml of water in the jug at a time. Which is less than the capacity of the glass. As a result, the product will work both when there are a lot of people at home and when you want to drink coffee alone.

One of the quietest kettles

The Russell Hobbs electric kettle is quiet. According to many, this is the quietest electric kettle. Therefore, it works well if there are small children at home. Case material: stainless steel. As a result, it is not only durable and scratch-resistant, but also easy to clean.

The absence of sediment also guarantees the use of an anti-scale filter. Not to mention clean water from which you can make your favorite coffee or tea. In turn, safety is ensured by a circuit breaker. There is no need to control boiling water - the electric kettle will turn off as soon as the temperature of the liquid reaches 100 degrees.


  • capacity 1.7 l, but minimum 100 ml
  • very quiet electric kettle
  • Stainless steel ensures durability and makes the kettle easy to clean
  • indicator shows the amount of water remaining in the jug
  • Thanks to their high power, Russell Hobbs kettles will boil water quickly.


  • boiling water heats the body

Tefal Snow KO330830

Price: about 2000 rubles

The rating of the best electric kettles is not complete without this brand. Tefal Snow KO330830 is, first of all, a good and productive jug. High power and standard performance ensure you'll quickly boil water for the whole family, while available features ensure ease of use.

The stone doesn't stand a chance

Good electric kettles not only boil water quickly and ensure its quality, but are also easy to clean. That's what Tefal Snow KO330830 is. Thanks to the hidden insulation, limescale does not settle on it, as a result, the inside of the jug remains clean for a long time.

In addition, Tefal kettles are equipped with a removable anti-scale filter to remove deposits. The advantage of the devices is also their high power - 2200 W and a capacity of 1.7 liters. As a result, preparing your favorite tea will not take much time.

Good price/quality ratio

The 360° rotatable base allows you to position the jug so that the indicators are as visible as possible. This will be easier because the Tefal jug has 2 large windows. In other words: a quick glance is enough to quickly check the water level in the device. Among the kettles presented, this is one of 2 jugs with such a solution.

Another simplification is the lid's assisted opening and illuminated switch with automatic shut-off function. And also protection against switching on when the kettle is empty. The jug is made of stainless steel. This means that it is durable and will not “wear out” quickly.

The advantage of Tefal kettles is also their price. These are ideal models for people who are looking for good and cheap pitchers with a standard capacity.


  • 1.7 liter jug ​​allows you to prepare drinks for a large group of people
  • Using an anti-scale filter reduces the appearance of limescale deposits
  • 2 large windows make it easy to see how much water is in the kettle
  • protection against switching on when the kettle is empty
  • good and cheap electric kettle


  • no beep after finishing work

Philips Daily Collection HD4646/70

Price: about 2000 rubles

We conclude the rating of electric kettles with a review of the cheapest model on the list. Philips Daily Collection HD4646/70 is a medium power electric kettle. Its advantage is significant power and solutions that ensure safe use. And this, combined with ease of operation, should satisfy every family member.

Philips kettles are easy to use

The Philips electric kettle is the ideal device for people who value a combination of simplicity and functionality. Good, solid and, most importantly, inexpensive. Of course, it is recommended, which, of course, is confirmed by the opinions of satisfied users. For what? The 1.5 liter jug ​​capacity allows you to prepare drinks for a medium-sized family. Plus also high power - 2400 W and ease of operation.

The electric kettle is easily filled with water by opening the lid or through the spout. Using a 360° rotatable base allows it to be installed in any direction. For greater comfort, water quantity indicators are located on both sides of the jug. Additionally, the cord can be wrapped around the base for easy storage.

4-stage security system

If the stone in the water has been poison to your jug ​​until now, now is your chance to forget about it. This Philips electric kettle is equipped with a fine mesh filter to keep your cookware clean. In addition, the hidden heating element (made of stainless steel) makes the jug easy to clean. And it gets your drinks ready quickly.

A 4-stage system is responsible for safety. This means that the presented Philips electric kettle automatically turns off in 3 cases: at the end of work, after being removed from the stand and when it is empty. The system also protects users and equipment from the effects of short circuits.

Myths and legends about devices

Now about the controversial arguments. You can often read and hear information that ceramics is an environmentally friendly material, which means it does not affect the taste and smell of water.

Do not forget that we are not talking about a one-piece product. It has a heating element anyway. This means that there may well be both plastic and metal parts there. And there will certainly be a rubber seal. They are quite capable of affecting the quality of water in the same way and ruining the drink. This, by the way, is one of the most common complaints in the reviews of those who purchased such a device.

There is only one solution - to buy products from reliable manufacturers who control product quality and use only high-quality materials.

Also, for some reason, it is believed that scale does not form in this technique. Allegedly, due to the smoothness of the walls, she cannot linger on them. But the water still boils, and the salts form sediment, it just accumulates mainly at the bottom. Yes, it is easier to remove it from a glossy surface, but this does not cancel the constant removal of scale from the kettle.

The next myth is related to capacity. It is widely believed that such devices can only have a small volume - no more than 1-1.2 liters. This was the case before, but seeing the interest of buyers, manufacturers began to produce products with a quite familiar capacity of 1.5 to 1.7 liters.

Choose the displacement depending on your needs. For a family of three people, a small copy of 1-1.2 liters is enough. And for large companies it is better to look for spacious devices.

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